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Palaces and temples built by emperors & sultans, places visited by some of the first Christian saints and bishops, second biggest Roman amphitheater in Europe, tragic monuments and beautiful buildings, wonderful parks & nice places to have a coffee or meal.


How the city of Sofia has changed in the last 8000 years and how the city grew to be able to accommodate 200 times more people only in the last 100 years.


Curious stories about kings, ambassadors, and sights, city legends, and a little bit of gossip, like where there is a buried golden treasure and why no one is trying to find it, where the royal gift is and how you can walk over it if you wish.

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Experience e-Storia unique travel in time jumping through the centuries with changing images of one and the same place explore millennial city’s floors just going up and down few stairs feel the peaceful and friendly coexistence of religions and ethnicities that are antagonistic elsewhere enjoy delicious local food and interesting traditions.

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Petia Ivanova
Nice app. Add more sights please.

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